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Mary Sue:
Wow, I can imagine fighting redwood roots.
I wet my plunge just before I want to pull out a pot and it helps keeping the sand in place.
A more labor intensive option on controlling redwood roots is borrowed from bamboo growers.
They install a vertical shield next to the bamboo bed down a number of feet and this seems to prevent the bamboo shoots from popping up all over the place.
Arnold New Jersey
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On 4/27/2020 6:47 PM, Judy Glattstein via pbs wrote:
> Plunge pots in a sand bed
> Judy
Many years ago Jim Robinett suggested wood for Calochortus when I was 
not having luck with black plastic pots. My husband created some deep ones.

What I have done also which follows Judy's suggestion is to create 
raised beds, line with hardware cloth and then put deep pots in place 
and like Uli plant several different bulbs that have different storage 
organs in a pot the same size and put those pots in the pots in the bed 
and then surround all of the pots with a sand gravel mix and mulch on 
top. The soil stays a more even temperature and doesn't dry out as much 
and I can easily pull the pots out to repot. I've never understood how 
to pull out pots in a sand bed without having the sand fill the hole. 
There must be a way since a lot of you have them, but the times I've 
accidentally pulled out both pots it has been really difficult to get 
the base pot back in its spot. Also I have a few pots directly in the 
ground that are also in pots the same size. Living in the redwoods 
however I do have to pull out the pots every year to keep the redwood 
roots out. They go through the sand-gravel mix looking for better soil 
and make their way through the drainage holes and create a nest in the 
pots. If I have trouble pulling out the pot it is almost always because 
of the redwood roots. I cut back any roots I find and repot if 
necessary, but otherwise just put the pot back in its slot.

Mary Sue

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