Storage of Nerine bulbs

Arnold Trachtenberg via pbs
Sun, 16 Feb 2020 14:48:08 PST
I received on of the Nerine humilis (BX 463 # 30) and it was showing green when it arrived.Potted it up and growing well.
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> A question has come via the website asking how long Nerine bulbs can 
> be kept out of the soil. I think what he needs to know is whether they 
> can be shipped in a circumstance that might take several weeks, and at 
> what time in their growth cycle this is best achieved. Can some 
> experts give opinions on this? I don't grow them because I could never 
> get them to flower.

I sent Nerine bulbs for the BX in August and they weren't distributed 
until November so you could ask whoever received them if they came up 
after they were planted so that would be a good test.  Bulbs with 
perennial roots may be set back a bit if their perennial roots dry up. 
If there is a dormant period that is the time most of us send bulbs. 
I've never been sure what you do with evergreen species.

Mary Sue

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