Storage of Nerine bulbs

Matt Mattus
Sun, 16 Feb 2020 14:48:05 PST
I typically ship nerine sarniensis and their N. bowdenii crosses in mid-summer once the foliage is dormant. Yet, (and I think others have noted this behavior) most Nerine have roots that don't go dormant, but rather continue to function during the dry seasonal rest (which is summer, in my Massachusetts greenhouse). With pots set on a slightly damp sand bed, the roots seem to search for any slight moisture during the summer (typical, I think for amaryllids?). Since they are forming embryonic flower buds one or two years in advance, I would imagine that cutting the roots off or allowing them to dry completely might inhibit the next seasons bloom?

Still, I've shipped bulbs out of the soil in summer and have had some bloom. I've also purchased bulbs from the UK with their roots removed, and a few of those have bloomed, so who knows?

I wonder if anyone has shipped bulbs 'in the green'?

I'm no expert on Nerine, but I do have luck growing them and blooming about 3/4 of my collection every year. I care little for them, a dose of fertilizer once or twice in the winter, and now pot most of them in Pro Mix that has 50% perlite added. The biggest change I've implemented is to not divide pots, but rather pot-up to 12 inch clay pots. Some this year has 7 stems in bloom in the same pot. They bulbs seem to like the close company and the extra root run. Not sure if this is just an anecdotal observation or if others have found that the same treatment works for them?

Matt Mattus
USDA Zone 5b
Worcester, MA

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    A question has come via the website asking how long Nerine bulbs can be 
    kept out of the soil. I think what he needs to know is whether they can 
    be shipped in a circumstance that might take several weeks, and at what 
    time in their growth cycle this is best achieved. Can some experts give 
    opinions on this? I don't grow them because I could never get them to 
    Jane McGary
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