Narcissus depth, roman hyacinth not blooming

Tue, 11 Feb 2020 09:53:10 PST

I received 5 tiny narcissus bulbocodium spp.praecox from the exchange more
than a year ago and two have flower buds about 1 inch tall. The neck where
the leaves and flower stalk meet is under the soil surface, have I planted
them too deeply?

Also, I have some roman hyacinths in 4" pots of well drained soil that I
have been growing on from tiny bulbils for several years..they have yet to
flower (5hrs of hot sun in summer at the base of a brick house). They are
in full growth now, should I fertilize them ?

Thank you,
Zone 7, Annapolis Md
(55° now but 19° lows predicted in 3 days)
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