Index and summary statistics from BX 301 through BX 463

M Gastil-Buhl
Wed, 01 Jan 2020 11:16:33 PST
Happy New Year Bulb Friends,

Compiled indexes for the last eight years of bulb exchanges, as two pdf
documents, are linked at the bottom of this page:
BX 301-400
BX 401-463

Some statistics of interest:

The ten people who donated the most bulbs and seed donated half the total
amount. Even more important to the rest of you: the 147 other donors
donated half the total amount! The PBS BX depends not only on those
relative few who participate frequently and abundantly, but also on the
many of you who send in just a few items a few times.

In BX 301 through BX 463, a total of 3841 items were offered. Of those,
1710 unique names were listed, mostly species binomials, but often hybrids,
varieties, or other descriptors. Originally nearly 1900 names were listed
before spellings and abbreviations were conformed. The rate of variation in
spelling is itself a useful reminder to us all, myself included, but on par
with other Index Seminum. The spelling task would not have been possible
without the PBS wiki. We now have a side-by-side comparison of what species
and genera have been offered in BX that are not on the wiki, and vice versa.

Some top ten lists as a retrospective of the last eight years of the past
These lists are in descending order, most-listed on top.

The ten most often offered genera were:

The ten most offered as bulbs, using "bulb" in its most general sense:
Oxalis obtusa
Oxalis flava
Oxalis hirta
Oxalis bowiei
Ferraria crispa
Oxalis sp.
Oxalis purpurea
Lachenalia mutabilis
Moraea sp.
Amaryllis belladonna

The ten most often listed species as seeds:
Zephyranthes primulina
Veltheimia bracteata
Rhodophiala bifida
Habranthus tubispathus
Moraea villosa
Clivia miniata
Zephyranthes drummondii
Zephyranthes reginae
Amaryllis belladonna
Calochortus venustus

The ten donors who contributed the most items:
Mary Sue Ittner
Nhu Nguyen
Rimmer deVries
Ina Crossley
Roy Herold
Karl Church
Kipp McMichael
Mike Mace
Jane McGary
Fred Thorne

These data provided query results too extensive to include here, but likely
to appear in a future newsletter article. I have not indexed the SX, only
the BX, so those summary statistics reflect that omission.

Nhu compiled the prior index examples and encouraged me to send this
message. Mary Sue reviewed earlier drafts with a practical perspective in
good humor. David ran his code on the wiki to provide a taxonomy spell
checker for my database, found errors, and tolerated my many revisions. All
the pbs wiki editors who themselves ensured correct taxonomic spelling for
me to use as a reference. Mostly of course these bulb exchanges depend on
the efforts of our BX directors, Dell and Albert, and most recently Jane
and her crew, our treasurer Arnold, and all you who donated bulbs and

I hope you find this useful,

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