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Both my desktop browser and phone E-mail program make it extremely easy to copy the whole digest when replying, even if I try not to. Both sets of software have steadily become worse on this point over the years, as almost all software constantly approaches the black hole of feature overload. Now I try to have enough self-discipline to begin each time with a brand new message, copying over only what I need to.

Plantar fasciitis is similar to tennis elbow and gamekeeper's thumb: Inflammation of tendons, due to tears, tiny to small to large. Tendons have extremely poor blood supplies and heal very slowly. It is easy to re-injure the ones we use all the time because we use them all the time. My observations are based on years of dealing with orthopedic surgeons, and with my own tendon injuries. I am not giving medical advice to people I from whom I have not taken a medical history, and have not examined; I am explaining what has worked for me. Tendon injuries often take over a year to fully heal even with proper care.

If possible, I take substantial doses of non steroidal antiinflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen round-the-clock on a schedule, rather than when it hurts most, because limiting the amount of inflammation with the drugs helps the tendon to heal faster. If I have stomach trouble or wind up on medicines that interfere with NSAIDS I cannot take them.

Stretching the tendon gently, without bearing weight, is by far the thing that provides the best pain relief. When afflicted with plantar fasciitis, first thing upon awakening in the morning, I would gently stretch my toes up towards my head for 20-30 seconds. I am able to reach them with my hands so I would grasp them and pull. The aim is to stretch the entire plantar fascia and Achilles tendon complex. I like to repeat this before doing anything during the day that makes the pain worse. During the day I would roll my unshod foot over a round glass bottle frequently while sitting, applying more and more pressure over weeks as the pain subsided. This movement also stretches the tendon. I have heard of people doing this with a plastic bottle frozen full of ice, but I'm a gardener, and I can't plan far enough ahead to have that ready when I need it.

It was very hard to keep from reinjuring myself. I had to pay attention not to do things like jump on the edge of a spade that didn't want to go into the ground, walk carelessly over ground with substantial rocks or carry heavy items wearing footwear without excellent arch support.

There's really not much else non-destructive that works. I personally would not want any of the surgeries sometimes proposed.

Bletilla striata really dislikes the high heat here. But I can grow Eulophias pretty well.

Leo Martin
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