Boophone haemanthoides

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Fri, 26 Jun 2020 16:36:35 PDT
Gastil wrote

> Next Boophane haemanthoides question:
> The bulb is about 1 inch diameter.... I had planned
> to plant it in a very large planter to show off
> its leaves. The pot is glazed ceramic, 12"x12"
> square at top and 36" tall.

I think amaryllids are best put into their final large containers, then watered carefully, rather than repotted several times. I have three old B. haemanthoides from Silverhill seed, and a packrat delabeled H. species, none of which has flowered yet. I put them into what seemed like large pots at the time, but now look painfully small. I plant to repot them towards fall. They definitely go dormant here in Phoenix whenever it gets hot, and then spend the summer in a northwest facing window. They always begin growing before I think they should.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA
Zone 9?

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