Boophone haemanthoides

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Fri, 26 Jun 2020 16:30:15 PDT
 I would plant it in a temporary container, first … perhaps a 1-2 gallon, moving up in 1-2 years.  I find them amazingly robust and tolerant of transplantation, especially if you attempt/are successful at minimizing root disturbance.  Easy, IMO, as the roots bind the soil in a pot fairly well.  I was told perhaps 20 years from seed to bloom size, but my first bloom came at 10 years (from 2007 seed) following aggressive up-potting in the initial 4-5 years, followed by in-ground planting.  Gophers should not touch them, like A.belladonna, they are toxic.  You can extend the growing season of smaller and mid-sized plants, in both fall and spring, by starting/continuing light irrigations, and moving in-leaf potted bulbs into a bright but shaded location with morning sun ... moving to/from full sun on the  Autumnal/Spring Equinox(es).  Why?  IMO, any extension of the in-leaf period should put additional energy into the developing bulb.  This probably works better in cooler, coastal climates.   In pots, a low-organic soil mix (heavy on the DG) is probably recommended and perhaps  provide very light liquid fertilizing (eg, w/a dilute orchid fertilizer) with every 2nd-4th irrigation.  Yes, bloom maturity is slow on this species, but enjoy the fantastic Fall-Winter-Spring foliage in the meantime!  Good Luck!
Ken Blackford
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 Thank you for the info so far. Next Boophane haemanthoides question:
The bulb is about 1 inch diameter. So it will be several years before its
first bloom ... 
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