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Sat, 27 Jun 2020 18:57:51 PDT
If you want to kill them painlessly and much more humanely than our 'lethal
injections', just get a cylinder of nitrogen at a welding shop and do the
same with the garbage bag.  Unfortunately for those who have died from
nitrogen asphyxiation, there is no indicator for excess nitrogen since it
comprises about 80% of air and the signal to breathe is high blood CO2
rather than low O2.  People who die of nitrogen asphyxiation are completely
unaware of a problem to the end.

I have yet to trap a racoon but have caught a number of squirrels and one
rat so far this year in my hav-a-heart traps. The rodents are wreaking
havac in my fruit trees. A simple and fairly humane way to euthanize your
catch is to put the whole trap in a large black plastic garbage bag with a
few small holes in it. Secure the mouth of the bag with duct tape around
your tail pipe, run the engine for a few minutes. Let the bag deflate and
remove your catch and dispose of the dead animal either in the trash or in
open areas near your home. Scavengers will be happy to dispose of the
carcass and it is not poisonous to them. Don’t keep it in your trash for
more than 24 hours because it will attract maggots and really stink
especially in hot weather.
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