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Garak via pbs
Sat, 27 Jun 2020 22:40:17 PDT
Hi Carlo,

marvelous, how the idea of "inconvenient" changed over the years - The 
scrubbing is done for 2 reasons: transport bandwith and storage. Big 
attachments slow down dial-up connections, eat up download budgets and 
blow storage limits of some mail providers. Actually, with enough big 
images sent over a mailing list you could send half of the recipients 
into mail provider denial of service, which they'd have to sort out with 
their fallback bandwith limit - not exactly fun. Scrubbing ain't that 
bad, ey?

Am 27.06.2020 um 23:50 schrieb Carlo A. Balistrieri via pbs:
> Yes. We can ultimately get to the photo, but it’s inconvenient, especially when it it happens over and over. I’m more likely to skip it than to actually take a peek.
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