Calochortus hybrid

Michael Mace via pbs
Sun, 07 Jun 2020 14:14:47 PDT
It's been a poor Calochortus year for me as well, Mary Sue. Some species
(such as C. clavatus and C. catalinae) took the year off completely, while I
had limited blooms from others (C. weedii in particular). Last year was a
very heavy bloom, so I hope they're just resting rather than dead.

It didn't help that we had a rainstorm in the middle of bloom period, which
thrashed many of the plants that were in bloom.

The local stands of native Calochorti (C. argillosus and C. luteus) are
having a kind of mediocre year as well. There are some individuals in bloom,
but not the heavy blooms I have seen in good years. I did find one really
nicely marked C. argillosus. I'll try to attach a photo.

The one California thing that did bloom well this year was my Calochortus
hybrids. Maybe that's due to hybrid vigor, or maybe they're better adapted
to my garden.

The photo you posted induces instant plant lust, Mary Sue. I think Kipp's
right that it looks a lot like C. palmeri. Check out the photo on
iNaturalist here: 

That iNaturalist plant grows close to Lancaster (high-elevation desert for
those of you who don't know California; think Nieuwoudtville or Tehran). No
wonder it hasn't bloomed often for you on the rainy north coast!

San Jose, CA

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