when do bulb flowers form?

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Tue, 30 Jun 2020 15:00:30 PDT
I'm not exactly sure that's really a question of the geophyte type, at 
least in families that vary in their storage organ. Iridaceae seem to be 
all about current conditions and will react to them - both Tigridieae 
(true bulbs) and Crocoideae (mostly corms, some rhizomes) have species 
which may flower first year from seed, so they don't need to have 
pre-formed flowers in the storage organ. Most core Amarylloideae seem to 
have them, but I'm not sure at all for Allioideae and Agapanthoideae - I 
guess you can have flower leek the first year from seed?

I guess it's overly simplistic to reduce it to the classification of the 
storage organ.

Am 30.06.2020 um 21:27 schrieb Peter Taggart via pbs:
> This applies to true bulbs. In true bulbs the flower buds formation is
> triggered by temperature extremes at  between the end of it's growing
> season, and the start of the new growing season.
>   I believe that corms develop their flower buds on the current seasons
> growth shoots.
> I'm not sure what the position is for pseudobulbs (which is what orchids
> have), but this is why plant morphology really can matter.
> Peter
> (UK)
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