Calochortus hybrid

Mary Sue Ittner via pbs
Sun, 07 Jun 2020 06:51:05 PDT

On 6/6/2020 10:40 PM, Kipp McMichael wrote:
> Hmmm - this looks alot like C. palmeri. Here's an image from the web: 
> This tends to grow in seasonally moist mountain meadows so it might 
> need a particular pattern of winter & spring moisture. I've seen this 
> in habitat(s) have not yet grown this one myself.
> -|<ipp
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Thanks  so much Kipp. It  looks like Calochortus palmeri var. munzii. 
When the Mariposa Society used to offer seeds I tried a lot of them, 
usually without getting them to flowering size. I started that variety 
in 2001 and noted that it germinated, but it never appears again in my 
records so it no doubt didn't come back. I also started C. palmeri 
January 2003 and ended up with 3 little bulbs, but it too disappears 
from my records after a few years. Maybe I consolidated those bulbs with 
some other pot or added the soil  to a Calochortus pot rather than 
throwing it out. We are going to look at the rainfall pattern (as my 
husband has been recording that for a number of years) for 2010-2011 and 
see if there are similarities to this year. Is this a reason not to 
throw out seedling pots you think have no bulbs in them? I'm pleased to 
know what it is and I see from the wiki that Nhu saw one flowering at 
the Tilden garden in Berkeley. I'm surprised it survived since it is 
native to southern California mountains and I live in low elevation 
coastal northern California.

Mary Sue

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