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You want younger animals, end of summer, fat from eating corn and the 
early apples. There are small yellow scent glands in the armpits, look 
like a little yellow bean. Ditto for woodchucks. Remove carefully - if 
damaged it taints the meat. I disjoint after skinning and removing the 
entrails. Then soak in salt water followed by a soak in milk. The meat 
is somewhat grainy, fibrous, like a skirt steak so when serving cut 
across the grain.

For the woodchuck I remember I did a braise with Beaujolais Nouveau, 
fennel, and Kalamata olives. Very nice.

Judy in New Jersey where the deluge was fortunately of rather short 
duration. Just under an inch of rain in well under an hour is welcome. 
Also adequate.

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> When I was in my teens my father trapped a large raccoon (note the spelling) or Procyon lotor. He cooked it. It tasted exactly like roast beef. You need to be careful about cooking because many have trichinosis.
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