Submerging traps to kill animals and humans

Yoli via pbs
Mon, 29 Jun 2020 18:39:36 PDT
If you suggest to listservs full of people to drown animal's in traps you
need help, it's horrifying, and I don't want to read your posts anymore!!!

I thought I might cancel my subscription to PBS in the past because of many
other inappropriate and inhumane comments but I held on because I wanted

And now about the cat hating again..let's face it..birds are dying off
because of habitat destruction: humans destroying the land, cutting forests
and paving over soil unabated .... with the clown car of humans come the
cats the the varmints the invasives... they are filling the void in the
wake of our web of destruction and managing to thrive.

Starlings... yes it breaks my heart to see them usurp native birds nesting
areas... but I look up to them actually, they are masters of survival,
taken haplessly out of their own worlds into alien ones and figuring out
how to live. It's  a new world order and there's no going back to what we
knew and what was...

  Bulb people:
if nothing else, walk the world with a kind heart...
 ..before you cast the blame on cats ..
...and starlings and kudzu ...

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