Impatiens capenis for Poison Ivy Itch

Judy Glattstein
Wed, 18 Mar 2020 06:59:03 PDT
Forgot to include this in my previous message.

When Impatiens capensis or I. pallida is nice and tall - love this weed, 
so easy to pull even when 5 feet tall - pull before flowering. Remove 
root portion. Stuff into large gallon or 2 gallon plastic bag. Squoosh 
up, right through the bag, then hang at an angle so juice can run into 
the bottom corner. When you have extracted as much juice as you can 
discard the crushed stems and freeze the juice in ice cube tray 
portions. Now you have it available to rub the cool, soothing, frozen 
juice over the itch, sting, or whatever.

I forget who told me about this but I am grateful.

Judy in New Jersey where rain is forecast for tomorrow so I had better 
get outside today

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