Stings and Nettles and Things

Judy Glattstein
Wed, 18 Mar 2020 06:50:55 PDT
All sorts of small bulbs are coming into bloom - Scilla bifolia, S. 
tubergeniana, S. (formerly Chionodoxa) forbesii. Galanthus and Eranthis 
on the way out. Hellebores are wonderful, even if they are not bulbs.

Tim Eck - you and your wife might have been stung by a spider. Even 
"ordinary" ones can give a very painful bite.

When we were living in Holland one summer - so long ago our children 
were young with barely two digits to their age - our daughter fell off 
her bicycle into a patch of nettles. A nearby mother invited her in, 
used a calming lotion, gave her a cookie and sent her on her way.

It's about the time of year when I need to go foraging for nettles, 
wearing plastic gloves to collect the young shoot tips. Time for young 
Alliaria leaves too. If I can go to the store (unlikely, here in New 
Jersey I am prepped with shelf-stable food stuffs and hunkering down in 
place) to buy watercress and some other greens, I would make preboggion, 
a delicious Italian dish using 7 types of spring greens.

Oh well. Staying home means that perhaps I will get around to all the 
chores I have been saying I will.

Stay well. Be safe.

Judy in sunny New Jersey where the weeds are already stretching and 
(metaphorically) saying "Time to grow."

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