Sylvia Sykora
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 08:09:46 PDT
I belong to a literary group devoted to a single author.  Most of us have purchased the full collection of this author’s works over the years through the organization.  They receive boxes and boxes (I once was the Book Chair) of books from families of recently deceased members.  The group makes these available to other members, initially through a lottery, now through offerings listed by title, condition, etc., with the only cost being shipping.  I can’t imagine - after the difficulties inherent in our SX and BX  - that any one might take on this kind of job for PBS, but perhaps there is a way for members to list their offerings that may be of interest to others.   Of course, the job of shipping is the really difficult part.  Maybe someone can think how this could work.

Sylvia Sykora in Northern California 
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