Temites Ate the Magazines

Judy Glattstein jgglatt@gmail.com
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 08:30:49 PDT
Two houses prior to the one we are in now there was a cupboard in the 
finished basement where we kept the back issues of Scientific American. 
Termites ate them, to the extent that Terminex, the pest control 
company, asked to keep some. They would kill the termites, bag the 
magazines, and keep them to show new customers.

I've given gardening books to the New York Botanical Garden's library 
with the understanding that they might accession some and others would 
go into their book sale.

Two friends left me their gardening books in their wills. One set never 
arrived (I remain dubious, many years later, about the lawyer.) The 
other - there were a few I was glad to have, there were duplicates I 
already had, there were others I had no interest in that went to NYBG.

The one that brought me almost to tears was a copy of a book I had 
written, given to her, and rereading the inscription was sad. That book 
I made a second inscription and sent to my sister in Israel who had 
loaned the copy I originally gave her to someone who "lost" it.

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