Jim McKenney via pbs
Fri, 09 Oct 2020 13:06:32 PDT
There is a nice eight-page article about saffron in the October 2020 issue of Martha Stewart Living. The article is focused on a commercial saffron growing farm in Kelseyvile, California and mentions the importation of saffron culture into the US by Amish and Mennonite immigrants in the 18th century. The Lancaster Ciounty, Pennsylvania corms Tim Eck porvided for distribution recently may well be derived from those early importations.I was surprised to learn recently that saffron was already being grown in mid-sixteenth century Germany: it's illustrated in the Fuchs New Kreuterbuch of 1543. So those 18th century immigrants were continuing a tradition already several centurues old. JimMcKenney
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