Lycoris behavior

Nathan Lange via pbs
Fri, 16 Oct 2020 19:41:38 PDT

Yes, that would probably help. I've considered simply moving the pot 
to the shade during the summer but I find the current situation 
interesting. The orientation of the pot has never changed but it's 
only one pot so my interpretation of what's going on could be 
wrong.  It's really not a species I recommend growing here since 
flowering time overlaps with the earliest Amaryllis belladonna 
hybrids which are superior here in nearly every respect (not true in 
places where winter hardiness is an issue).


At 06:55 PM 10/16/2020, you wrote:
>Nathan, do you think it would help if the black pot was painted 
>white, to reflect sunlight rather than absorbing the heat?

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