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 Mike, I live in Los Angeles about three miles in from the ocean.  The crocus that is the source of the pricey saffron threads prized in cooking is grown in the Kashmir Valley which both India and Afghanistan claim.  The weather is probably Influence by the Himalayanmountains and the monsoons sweeping in off the Indian Ocean.  National Geographic had an article several years ago with a photo of the farmers harvesting the flowers.  Try finding out what the climate is like.  As a rule, most bulbs don't like hot temperatures with wet  ground.  Make sure the soil drains well, too.  Good luck.
    On Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 01:20:22 PM PDT, EJ via pbs <> wrote:  
 Hi all, I followed all the good advice from very knowledgeable people here and...Yay, my saffron bulb has sprouted! (Hopefully 3 more to come.)

It has been shaded by the top tier of a wooden bench with other potted plants above. The whole area gets bright shade and maybe a 2 -3 hours of direct sun for the plants on the top tier(potted saffron on lower shelf gets no direct sun) . 

So now I wonder, since it sprouted, do I give it more sun gradually bringing it up to full sunlight for  2-3 hours a day?

How much water should I give? I’m in 9b, California San Francisco Bay Area, and it does get pretty dry. Drench it every —3 days?

I am in mortal fear of the bulbs going to mush...

Greatly appreciate the advice so far, it’s working! :-)

Mike Mace, are you in SF Bay Area too? 

Best regards,
-Elaine Jek.
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