Lcoris (Propagation Advice Solicited)

David Gray via pbs
Sat, 17 Oct 2020 06:59:49 PDT
Hi All -

I've been a pbs member and pbs list lurker for a number of years now.  I
still consider myself to be a bulb novice, but I have learned a lot from
other pbs members.

I am enjoying all the recent discussion about Lycoris as these are some of
my favorite plants (although I only have experience with L. radiata and L.
aurea).  I do know there have been a number of scientific papers on Lycoris
discussed within the pbs list over the last couple of years and I have
read, and attempted to understand, many of them.  Although I have a
scientific "mind" by training, my field is in the physical sciences - so my
biological science knowledge is, admittedly, very limited.  I have invested
some time in conducting some "homework" about Lycoris and have read the
very informative Lycoris material (Garden Lycoris and More) by James W.
Waddick on the pbs website.

I'm at the point now where I would like to begin actively propagating some
Lycoris in order to increase my flower display.  I am wondering if any
Lycoris "experts" are willing to share specifics about their propagation
methods?  I realize some members have commercial interests and may be
reluctant to share their "trade secrets" - which I fully understand and
respect.  However, if anyone is willing to share any advice - I will
greatly appreciate it.  My interest is in vegetative propagation of L.
radiata and L. aurea and sexual propagation of L. aurea.

Certainly I'll be grateful for any general advice given, but I'm hopeful I
may get rather detailed information to include:

Vegetative Propagation:
Specific bulb sectioning (or other vegetative method) protocol(s) that seem
Any specific bulb preparation requirements prior to sectioning
Time of year to section (or, perhaps more specifically, phase in the bulb's
annual growth cycle)
Recipe for the medium in which bulb sections are "planted"
Recommended temperature(s)
Recommended lighting (if any)
Recommended humidity levels or suggestions for obtaining proper humidity
Other critical factors for success
Any recommended differences in these items between L. radiata and L. aurea

Sexual Propagation of L. aurea:
Any "tricks" for pollination (I am hopeful I finally have a few seeds
currently developing after several years of attempts)
How long does it take the seeds to reach "maturity"
Recipe for the medium in which seeds are planted
Protocol(s) to facilitate germination
Tips for growing on and planting out
Thoughts on # of years to reach flowering stage from seed

Certainly I don't "expect" anyone to take the time to provide me with a
Cliff's Notes summary of all their Lycoris knowledge they've spent a
lifetime learning - but I will be grateful for any shared advice.

Best regards,

David Gray
Northwest Florida
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