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Michael Homick via pbs
Sun, 18 Apr 2021 08:37:19 PDT
  For a number of years Paul and I ran the North American Lily
Society's seed exchange. During that time I was thinking of a program that
would take the seed exchange one step further in its evolution. The seed
exchange is great for crosses of new hybrids that can be raised as the next
generation. I always wished there could be something similar for the
notable species selections and historical hybrids. With that in mind I
propose a new program that we are preparing to run with.
*Seedlings, Transplants, And Regenerated Tissue Selections*.
What is that, you may ask.
It is a means of getting the old historical lily Lilium hybrids back to
their vigor of bygone years and making Lilium species and selected species
available to lily growers at what I hope will be a reasonable cost.

This program will at first be offered to USA growers, but perhaps in the
future, internationally. When the pandemic is over and NALS starts having
physical shows, it will certainly include Canada.

If you are growing historical lilies or have uncommon species or a species
with traits not usually found commercially, I would love to hear from you.
I am looking for *buds, but* not the kind you smoke.

For more information on this follow the link below.
All discussion is welcome, let's work together on getting this program
All the best, Michael Homick and Paul Machado
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