Scadoxus puniceus in my garden

Nicholas Plummer via pbs
Sun, 18 Apr 2021 09:34:44 PDT
I’m excited to finally see an inflorescence on the Scadoxus puniceus that I have been growing in the ground for the past five or six years (photo attached, I hope). It might have flowered sooner with more sun, but it is heavily shaded by a large Callicarpa americana in summer.  Last year, I planted some younger plants in sunnier spots; they survived the winter but are still too small to flower.

The plant has survived a low of about 6 F (briefly), heavy clay soil that is wet all winter, and summer temperatures that routinely reach the upper 90s F.

I tried some Scadoxus multiflorus multiflorus in the ground, but they didn’t survive even a single winter.  Has anyone else had luck with that species in zone 7-8?

North Carolina, zone 7

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