] Any Narcissus lovers here?

Nils Hasenbein via pbs pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net
Thu, 22 Apr 2021 23:52:40 PDT
Dear Vlad, dear all,

thank you, Vlad, for your great video, and all others for your wonderful 
additions! Narcissus are great both in pots and in the garden, and I 
agree with Jim: It's sad to see how few people have any. I gave a bag of 
100 bulbs of an unnamed commercial variety to friends, who immediately 
worried about being able to mow their lawn. In our area, it seems 
unbearable to restrain yourself from mowing until, say, late May, or to 
make the effort to cut around the foliage after bloom.

As we are on heavy soil in the same climate as Vlad, the range of 
species and varieties to grow in the garden is limited, and any more 
tender varieties and all fall and winter bloomers have to be grown in 
pots. I am just beginning to give the latter a go. In the lawn, I 
largely rely on those large bags and wholesale dutch suppliers. The 
prices for those are ridiculously low (if I remember correctly, those 
100 mentioned above for 15 Euros; you can get them for even less here 
when the bulb-selling season ends), it's more the work of getting them 
planted which limits my efforts. I got a long-handled bulb planter last 
autumn, whichs helps a lot. I am having a great time looking up all the 
varieties you mentioned, if you (and especially Vlad) have 
recommendations for varieties for heavy soil in my climate (zone 8a), I 
would love to hear your suggestions.

Vlad, do you know any source for "Fairy Chimes"?

The unnamed narcissus in the lawn are on their way out. I wrote some 
time ago that N. poeticus had vanished from our lawn, but as a wonderful 
surprise this year: it is still there. I am under the impresssion that 
many bulbs I planted several years ago and which flowered in the first 
and second growing season and then vanished for several years are slowly 
increasing. Sometimes, it just takes some patience.

All the best from Bielefeld (where nights are tiptoeing around 0°C and 
sunny days have been promised. Tulips are starting and fruit trees are 
flowering, and a cup of tea and ten minutes in the sun feel like a 
holiday while public life is shutting down yet again ...)


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