] Any Narcissus lovers here?

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Fri, 23 Apr 2021 00:09:24 PDT
Hello Nils,

Yes I do actually. Do you know of Flying Colors Daffodils? Michiel has a
great variety, not sure if he is on PBS.

Most division 1 should do well in  heavy soils, especially the historics
like Mount Hood and Dutch Master.

Are you looking for a particular group, Nils? If you have certain
preferences towards color or division, I could think of more options.

For poeticus the key is to split it once at every 3-4 years. It clumps
quite a bit and if you want good blooming performance, those bulbs beed to
bulk up.

Greetings from Berlin, where I went outside to talk to my Narcissus with a
cup of tea.


On Fri 23. Apr 2021 at 08:52 Nils Hasenbein via pbs <
pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net> wrote:

> Dear Vlad, dear all,
> thank you, Vlad, for your great video, and all others for your wonderful
> additions! Narcissus are great both in pots and in the garden, and I
> agree with Jim: It's sad to see how few people have any. I gave a bag of
> 100 bulbs of an unnamed commercial variety to friends, who immediately
> worried about being able to mow their lawn. In our area, it seems
> unbearable to restrain yourself from mowing until, say, late May, or to
> make the effort to cut around the foliage after bloom.
> As we are on heavy soil in the same climate as Vlad, the range of
> species and varieties to grow in the garden is limited, and any more
> tender varieties and all fall and winter bloomers have to be grown in
> pots. I am just beginning to give the latter a go. In the lawn, I
> largely rely on those large bags and wholesale dutch suppliers. The
> prices for those are ridiculously low (if I remember correctly, those
> 100 mentioned above for 15 Euros; you can get them for even less here
> when the bulb-selling season ends), it's more the work of getting them
> planted which limits my efforts. I got a long-handled bulb planter last
> autumn, whichs helps a lot. I am having a great time looking up all the
> varieties you mentioned, if you (and especially Vlad) have
> recommendations for varieties for heavy soil in my climate (zone 8a), I
> would love to hear your suggestions.
> Vlad, do you know any source for "Fairy Chimes"?
> The unnamed narcissus in the lawn are on their way out. I wrote some
> time ago that N. poeticus had vanished from our lawn, but as a wonderful
> surprise this year: it is still there. I am under the impresssion that
> many bulbs I planted several years ago and which flowered in the first
> and second growing season and then vanished for several years are slowly
> increasing. Sometimes, it just takes some patience.
> All the best from Bielefeld (where nights are tiptoeing around 0°C and
> sunny days have been promised. Tulips are starting and fruit trees are
> flowering, and a cup of tea and ten minutes in the sun feel like a
> holiday while public life is shutting down yet again ...)
> Nils
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