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Tue, 27 Apr 2021 15:11:33 PDT
Hi Paul:
Welcome hopefully you have received your new member packet.
I live in New Jersey just outside NYC.
I have a small greenhouse where I grow mostly South African bulbs.
I generally wait for the tempos to rise and use that as a key for watering.
At this time most of the bulbs have reached about 75% of dormancy.
I collect some seeds for the BX and the pots go into a cool basement for their summer rest.
I have also as Jane mentioned given  some moisture during this time.
The real trick is for the one to two year old bulbs to survive the first dormancy period.
it is exciting to see the bulbs emerge from the first dormant period.
In early Sept I bring all the pots up into the greenhouse and give each a good drink and wait for signs of growth.
Good luck with your new passion.
I had been prepared for things to "go brown" for dormancy in summer, but I
think that day I really fried them, and they wouldn't normally have gone
brown so quickly, especially in this mild climate. Should I stop watering
them now and put them in full shade, or part shade? Do I treat the
amaryllids differently and still give them water once a month or something?
Was I wrong to have them in full sun, even in my mild climate? Even if I
hadn't made that mistake of frying the plants on a hot day, I was still
unsure about how much sun to give them in their first year, and when to
expect to stop watering them. Is the dry dormancy period in the first year
usually about 6 months? Or 3 months? Should I have pricked out the freesias
into individual growing pots, or maybe just sewed them more sparsely? So
many questions!
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