EX02 Bulb part open for ordering

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Sun, 04 Apr 2021 12:13:18 PDT
Dear EU members of the PBS

The BX for bulbs is now open for orders. Every fully paid member with a 
postal address in the EU is entitled to order from this list.

You do not need to be a donor to be entitled to order. There is no limit 
on how many positions from the list you can request, but you are only 
allocated one portion of each item.

Please send your request by e-mail directly to Martin Bohnet, who is the 
director of the EU Bulb and Seed Exchange. Please do NOT send your 
request to the forum, these requests cannot be served. Please make sure 
you do not use the reply button when sending your request.

Martin's e-mail: garak@code-garak.de <mailto:garak@code-garak.de>

Orders will be accepted during a three day time window after the list 
went online, closure will be announced in the forum. This means we'll be 
closing at Wednesday night. Distribution will then be at random so that 
everybody has the same chance to get the rare items in short supply.

Please do not forget to include your postal address.

Each portion of bulbs will be 3 US $. For very big/heavy bulbs this may 
be doubled. Postage will be added at cost, converted into US $.

Donors will get 5 US $ credit.

Payment for items from the EU-BX can only be made by PayPal in US 
Dollars to the PayPal account of the Pacific Bulb Society. Please make 
sure that the PBS receives the amount due in US Dollars. Please go to 
the bottom of the Bulb Exchange page 
<https://www.pacificbulbsociety.org/bx.html> and fill in the details and 
continue. It guides you directly on to your PayPal account. No cheques 
or credit cards can be accepted. Enclosed in the order, every recipient 
will receive a payment slip showing the details, please wait with 
payments until you have received your order.

Again, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Uli 

New offers:

 From Martin Bohnet (all bulbs/corms):

EX02_100    Amorphophallus konjac (small offsets)
EX02_101    Commelina tuberosa
EX02_102    Cypella aquatilis (not fully dormant)
EX02_103    Cypella herbertii (not fully dormant)
EX02_104    Eucomis zambesica (young)
EX02_105    Hesperantha baurii
EX02_106    Oxalis magnifica

 From Vlad Hempel (bulbs):

EX02_107    Gladiolus x hort. Purple Flora
EX02_108    Hippeastrum ‚Sonatini Eye Catcher‘  (6$)

 From Liga Plata: (Seeds (-> 2$), still in postal transfer, but expected 

EX02_109    Hippeastrum papilio SEEDS

 From Thorben Schneider (Bulb):

EX02_110    Bowiea Volubilis (6$)

 From Uli Urban (corms/bulbs/rhizomes):

EX02_111    Achimenes dulcis
EX02_112    Achimenes grandiflora
EX02_113    Achimenes grandiflora hellblau
EX02_114    Achimenes heterophylla
EX02_115    Achimenes longiflora
EX02_116    Achimenes skinneri
EX02_117    Achimenes Hybr. Pulcherrima
EX02_118    Achimenes Hybr. Tarantella
EX02_119    xAchimenantha Ohio‘s Pumkin
EX02_120    Amorphophallus atroviridis  (6$)
EX02_121    Colocasia Pink China
EX02_122    Dioscorea discolor
EX02_123    Eucodonia Cecilia
EX02_124    Eucodonia Maike
EX02_125    Eucodonia spec.
EX02_126    Hippeastrum aulicum (not fully dormant)
EX02_127    Hippeastrum reticulatum var. striatofolium (not fully dormant)
EX02_128    Kohleria warczewiczii
EX02_129    Neomarica northiana (offsets)
EX02_130    Nerine bowdenii Typ Oswald
EX02_131    Sauromatum horsfieldii
EX02_132    Seemannia gymnostoma U33
EX02_133    Seemannia nematanthoides
EX02_134    Seemannia purpurascens U6
EX02_135    Sphaerorhiza sarmentiana
EX02_136    Spathantheum orbignyanum
EX02_137    xSmithicodonia Heartlands Joy

--- please find comments from Uli to his donations at the end of the 
mail ---

In addition to the new items above, the following seed items are still 
available from the seed phase of EX02 at 2$ per package:

EX02_005    Hosta ex ‚Empress Wu‘, open polinated
EX02_006    Tigridia pavonia (unsorted colors)
EX02_008    Agapanthus cultivar 45cm, deciduous
EX02_009    Alstroemeria psittacina
EX02_010    Dactylicapnos scandens
EX02_011    Freesia laxa red form
EX02_012    Hesperantha baurii
EX02_013    Iris ensata (blue)
EX02_014    Iris foetidissima
EX02_015    Scilla peruviana
EX02_016    Watsonia sp. red ex Kirstenbosch (labeled meriana?)
EX02_017    Albuca abyssinica Syn. A. bainesii
EX02_018    Albuca humilis ex Lesotho
EX02_019    Albuca tenuifolia Syn. A. shawii
EX02_021    Allium cernuum
EX02_023    Allium flavum
EX02_024    Allium nigrum
EX02_025    Allium obliquum
EX02_028    Commelina coelestis (tuberosa)
EX02_029    Dietes iridioides
EX02_031    Fritillaria pallidiflora
EX02_033    Ornithogalum candicans Syn. Galtonia c.
EX02_036    Allium senescens
EX02_037    Allium tuberosum
EX02_038    Asphodeline lutea
EX02_040    Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora
EX02_043    Habranthus tubispathus
EX02_046    Iris graminea
EX02_047    Lilium henryi
EX02_050    Drimia purpurascens (syn. undulata) ex Bellús
EX02_051    Iris xiphium (syn. Xiphion vulgare) ex Albufera
EX02_052    Lapiedra martinezii ex Benidoleig
EX02_053    Lapiedra martinezii ex Nao Cape
EX02_054    Narcissus assoanus subsp. assoanus
EX02_055    Narcissus cantabricus
EX02_057    Narcissus coronatus syn. N. pallidulus
EX02_058    Narcissus confusus
EX02_059    Narcissus deficiens
EX02_060    Narcissus dubius
EX02_061    Narcissus fernandesii
EX02_062    Narcissus graellsii (syn. bulbocodium)
EX02_063    Narcissus obsoletus (2n=20)
EX02_064    Narcissus obsoletus ex Villanueva de cauche
EX02_065    Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. pseudonarcissus
EX02_066    Narcissus serotinus (2n=10)
EX02_069    Galtonia viridiflora
EX02_075    Allium giganteum
EX02_076    Allium insubricum
EX02_078    Fritillaria camschatcensis
EX02_079    Iris domestica
EX02_080    Iris setosa
EX02_081    Iris sibirica
EX02_082    Lilium philipinense
EX02_084    Sisyrinchium montanum
EX02_087    Chasmanthe bicolor
EX02_088    Eryngium „Miss Wilmot‘s Ghost“
EX02_089    Melanoselium decipiens
EX02_090    Watsonia „Dart Sea Trout“
EX02_091    Watsonia knysnana
EX02_092    Watsonia „Peach“
EX02_093    Ceropegia woodii
EX02_094    Albucca spec. ex roscoff
EX02_096    Lilium ex „White Triumphator“
EX02_097    Tradescantia boliviana
EX02_098    Zantedeschia albomaculata
EX02_099    Zantedeschia jucunda

Also, some Items from EX01 are still available at 1$ / package:

EX01_002    Aristea ecklonii ex Crûg Farm
EX01_006    Mirabilis jalapa red/yellow broken colors
EX01_007    Pancratium maritimum
EX01_009    Allium roseum
EX01_011    Asphodeline liburnica
EX01_012    Brodiaea californica
EX01_013    Crocus goulimyi
EX01_014    Cyclamen coum
EX01_015    Cyclamen hederifolium
EX01_017    Dietes grandiflora
EX01_018    Freesia alba
EX01_020    Freesia laxa red form
EX01_021    Freesia laxa salmon with red spots
EX01_022    Freesia leichtlinii
EX01_023    Gladiolus tristis
EX01_024    Iris xiphium
EX01_025    Lachenalia mathewsii
EX01_026    Lachenalia pustulata
EX01_027    Lilium candidum
EX01_028    Muscari botryoides
EX01_030    Scilla peruviana
EX01_032    Allium tripedale
EX01_035    Alstroemeria aurea „Orange King“
EX01_037    Anemone sylvestris
EX01_039    Eremurus robustus
EX01_040    Fritillaria persica
EX01_041    Iris scorpiris mix
EX01_042    Iris sibirica „Perry‘s Blue“
EX01_045    Scilla peruviana
EX01_046    Tulipa species mix
EX01_048    Allium tripdale
EX01_051    Chasmanthe bicolor
EX01_053    Hermodactylus tuberosus (Lantraki(?) peloponnese)
EX01_054    Muscari latifolium
EX01_056    Zephyranthes chlorosolen
EX01_059    Cyclamen graecum
EX01_060    Cyclamen hederifolium

This closes the official part from the team.

Uli's comments (items EX02_111-137):

All the Gesneriads except the Eucodonias are in short supply because my 
growing conditions are not ideal for this group of plants here in 
Portugal. Even if the rhizome you will receive may be small, it will 
produce a flowering plant this season. Plant the rhizomes immediately on 
receipt, keep it warm and moist but not wet. Once it has sprouted give 
good light but not scorching sun. It is important to grow them in warm 
but not hot conditions without extremes. Never let them dry out during 
growth, fertilize with low concentration but several times. In late 
autumn they will all go dormant and can be kept fully dry in their pots 
in their compost until they are started again next spring. Field data 
are available for the Seemannias. Sphaerorhiza sarmentiana is not the 
easiest Gesneriad to grow. I recommend Eucodonia for beginners.

Amorphophallus atroviridis
A relatively rare Amorphophallus, Tubers of good size but I do not know 
how big they have to be to be of flowering size. My plants have bigger 
tubers every year but so far have not yet flowered. Beautiful velvety 
dark green leaves with a pink edge. Fully dormant in winter, needs a 
warm and half shaded place in summer. Better under glass in cool climates.

Colocasia Pink China
One of the robust ones, I used to grow it in the open garden in Germany 
and it is considered fairly hardy but I never tried. Multiplies well. 
Needs a lot of water and fertilizer to look good, Dry winter dormancy.

Dioscorea discolor
Twining tuberous plant, vigorous, easy and beautiful. Very good under 
glass in cool climates or as a houseplant. Give good light to get nicely 
coloured leaves. Plant immediately and keep moist but not wet, best with 
some bottom heat to start. Is slow to start and will go dormant late in 
the season. Fully dormant in winter. Can grow to several meters in one 
season. Field data available.

Hippeastrum aulicum
One year old vigorous seedlings. I hope they did not suffer too much in 
the delayed parcel. Easy, almost evergreen with a very short summer 
dormancy or fully evergreen. Flowers around Christmas. Grows as an 
epiphyte so give well aerated substrate but do not let it dry out. Easy 
here in normal soil in the open garden, offset forming to big clumps. 
Prone to slug damage.

H. reticulatum var. striatofolium
Attractive foliage and beautiful pink flowers but not floriferous. 
Evergreen, attractive house plant

Neomarica northiana
Attractive blue and white flowers, plantlets form on the flower stalk 
afterwards, this is what you get. Evergreen, frost sensitive. not too 
much sun and always moist. Forms big clumps. Happy in pots.

Nerine bowdenii Typ Oswald
This plant is precious to me. It was given to me by an elderly plant 
breeder from former East Germany, his name is Mr. Oswald. He grew rows 
of it among his strawberries and beans and gave them a very thick mulch 
in winter. His garden was on sandy soil. Practically fully hardy, very 
vigorous and floriferous. But it does not like the mediterranean climate 
and is declining here. So here they are. Keep the bulbs in pots until 
they reach flowering size and then plant into the open garden, bury up 
to the tip of the neck or deeper. Can be permanently pot grown but 
better in the ground. I used to grow them in Germany in a well drained 
bed at the outside base of my frost free greenhouse wall. Heavy mulch in 
winter, remove this in spring. Full sun, Fertilizer. Comes true from 
seed. Mr Oswald could not tell me the origin of this very good form. 
Keep it happy and hand it to others. Nerine does not like root 
disturbance and will not flower the year of planting.

Sauromatum horsfieldii
A dwarf prolific plant with velvety green palmate leaves. The flowers 
have an offensive smell but do not last long. Take care not to spread 
the bulbili, it may become invasive in suitable conditions. I do not 
reuse or compost its potting mix. Best in dappled shade. Fully dry 
dormant in winter.

Spathantheum orbignyanum
A large Aroid with very big tubers. Summer growing, fully dry winter 
rest. Attractive leaves like a large Acanthus. The flowers are unusual, 
they look like a narrow leaf on a long stalk, the flowers themselves are 
under the "leaf". Strange smell. Flowers before the leaves. Needs a 
warm, sheltered and sunny position, Mine are pot grown, even in 
Portugal. Lots of water and fertilizer during active growth.  Field data 

Martin (pronoun: he)
Southern Germany
Likely zone 7a

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