New Year's flower count

Jane McGary via pbs
Fri, 01 Jan 2021 12:34:17 PST
Some go out to count bird species today, but I always count the open 
flowers in the garden near Portland, Oregon. Bulbs, corms, and tubers in 
flower now: Narcissus cantabricus, Narcissus bulbocodium subsp. praecox; 
Colchicum trigynum, Colchicum doerfleri (tentatively confirmed), two 
small white-flowered, synanthous (leaves present at flowering) 
colchicums that may be C. munzurense, burttii, or leptanthum; Crocus 
biflorus subsp. alexandri, Crocus laevigatus; Galanthus, various hybrids 
or G. plicatus forms; Cyclamen coum. Some shrubs also just now or still 
in flower: Sasanqua camellias, rose 'Dublin Bay', Chimonanthus fragrans, 
a volunteer fuchsia hybrid, rosemary, a large white-flowered daphne 
hybrid, Mahonia (Berberis) 'Arthur Menzies', Mahonia (Berberis) 
eurybracteata, Jasminum nudiflorum, Viburnum 'Dawn'. All these are in 
the open garden or unheated Mediterranean house.

Many years there would be a few more bulbs in flower, but this fall and 
early winter have been so warm that it may have delayed them, while 
accelerating some of the shrubs. Another warm, wet week is predicted.

What has opened in your garden?

Jane McGary,

Portland, Oregon, USA

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