Lachenalia quadricolor

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I've been a bit unsure of the ID of this one.
You have Lachenalia aloides and Lachenalia quadricolor which are superficially similar.

As per Duncan.
L. aloides flowers in Early June to August with a peak in mid-July
L. quadricolor flowers in late June to mid-August with a peak in July.
Duncan states:
L. aloides differs in its longer perianth tube (8-9mm long) and much longer outer tepals (15-17 mm long) and in its inner tepals that have broad red or purplish red apices with white margins.L. aloides commences flowering several weeks earlier than L. quadricolor.


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Very nice Arnold! It’s interesting you say yours is one of the first to bloom, mine does not flower until early to mid spring.

Chad in Elverta CA

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