Hippeastrum fertility

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Welcome Tim, anytime. I love these plants a lot.

Ah, on new bulbs, that explains it! You see, good results come mostly from
well established bulbs. And because you never really know how they were
treated before you got them, it is hard to say why so many seedpods fail to
develop properly 28 days from fertilisation. This however never stopped me
to cross with newly aquired bulbs and what works, works and what does not,
doesn’t. I try some of the same crossings later again and most of the time
they do work, unless it is a famous triploid (the famous and very loved
Ruby Star). There are ways to work with triploids too, it just needs
dedication and rinse & repeat, to get better at it.


On Sun 24. Jan 2021 at 01:22 Tim Eck via pbs <
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> Del and Vlad,
> Thanks for the suggestions.  I will take them to heart.  The bulbs in
> question were new purchases that had been cold treated and so bloomed
> earlier than normally.  I guess I am questioning the difference between
> unpollinated flowers and ones that are pollinated and the ovaries swell
> to several times the size they were on the flower and then shrivel.  I have
> seen this happen more frequently on crinums where they can get to full size
> and then be completely empty.  I will try pollinating three days in a row
> and see if that produces better results.
> And Vlad, I live within a kilometer of the 40th parallel.  Today was 9hr
> 52min long.
> Tim
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