Lilium grayi

Donald LaFond via pbs
Sun, 24 Jan 2021 16:07:19 PST
Hello all

I'm a long time lurker to this website and get good info but now I have a
question I hope someone has some experience with.

Lilium grayi, this is a plant I have lusted over for years. I was given a
good amount of seed the other day and my usual way of germinating seed has
not worked in the past. I see that on the pbs wiki there is no specific
mention of L. grayi with regards to seed germination ( that I saw anyway )
On another lily sight it is said to be delayed epigeal.

First question does anybody know if L. grayi is delayed epigeal?
I read what info is on the pbs site about seed germination, does anybody
have any experience with germinating L. grayi, or growing it for that

Thanks for any help.

Don LaFond
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