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Thu, 07 Jan 2021 11:09:29 PST
I am on my second greenhouse made by BC Greenhouses.  Over 25 years ago we put up one at our old house and it was still going strong when we moved about five years ago.  At our new house we put up another built to my specifications.  My first greenhouse had curved eaves.  Don’t do that-they are a bitch to clean because you can’t lean a ladder up against them.  So my current greenhouse has separate roof and sides ie standard greenhouse.  I had it customized with three side windows on each side so I could get lots of ventilation and use it as an alpine house.  I have been very satisfied with the quality of my greenhouses.  They aren’t the cheapest out there but you get what you pay for.  My greenhouse is 8x12 with a polycarbonate roof and glass sides.  I considered going up to an 8x14 but the cost is more than incremental because when you get to a 14’ greenhouse you need extra engineering (I’m guessing a stronger roof beam).

Both my greenhouses were purchased through Charley’s Greenhouses, an American supplier.  As best I could tell the prices are the same as dealing directly with the company or Charleys.  Charley's was great to deal with both times.  They worked with me to get the greenhouse I wanted.  Don’t be afraid to call them up and talk to them about the best options for your climate.  I’m pretty sure these greenhouses can be built with triple wall glazing, not sure about 5 wall.  Also Charleys may know someone in your area with one of these greenhouses and they could see if you could check out that greenhouse in person.  Not sure if this is an option in the time of covid but they used to do this.  

Let me know if you have further questions about my BC Greenhouse

Jan Jeddeloh

> On Jan 7, 2021, at 10:19 AM, Luminita Vollmer via pbs <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Not supporting any vendor in particular, however, being in the market for a
> greenhouse to help make a decision - I found this catalog.
> Anyone here have any experience with this? Are any of these greenhouses
> a feasible option here in MN ?
> Thank you
> Luminita
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