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Hi Luminita,

We worked with BC Greenhouses to generate a quote for a custom built-in
greenhouse as part of a house project.  That house project has dragged on
for years, so that the greenhouse is not yet built, but we found BC
Greenhouses to be responsive and easy to work with.  While they are
expensive, their product is high quality.  Note that they provide some of
the greenhouses that Charley's offers.

Members in the South might want to check out Texas Greenhouse.  I haven't
seen their product in person, but it looks great online.

Meanwhile, I am still using a steel frame/wood combination greenhouse that
we built after the previous incarnation was destroyed by fire.  The
covering is single-layer greenhouse film.  While I would never claim that
the structure is elegant, the ultimate measure of a greenhouse is what it
contains!  That structure is 20' x 35', at a very low cost per square
foot.  Occasional use of a basic electric space heater or two keeps the
temperature in the 20's at worst, mid-twenties in the center.  Circulating
fans, always on, move the warm air around.  Our site is colder than most of
the Seattle area, as we have no sun exposure at all for several months, so
there is no daytime sun-induced warming.  (The coldest winter weather here
usually brings sunny days - just not to us.)

I also use an open-ended, totally basic steel frame with a film cover, 20'
x 20'.  It's slightly warmer in there than outside, but the real purpose is
to intercept rain.  Even hardy plants in containers are at risk under the
open sky because they freeze hard and then get soaked by rain when the
inevitable warm front moves through.

Steel frame elements for greenhouses are available from any commercial
nursery supply.  Check for regional suppliers.  In the PNW, OBC in Oregon
has all kinds of greenhouse supplies.  I use Steuber Distributing in
Snohomish, WA for many supplies.  They are a funky, family-owned outfit
without a decent website, but they do have a catalog.  Indispensable to me.

Below is a page from the OBC website to give an idea of what is available:

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 10:19 AM Luminita Vollmer via pbs <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Not supporting any vendor in particular, however, being in the market for a
> greenhouse to help make a decision - I found this catalog.
> Anyone here have any experience with this? Are any of these greenhouses
> a feasible option here in MN ?
> Thank you
> Luminita
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