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Depending on your lot size and zoning, you may wish to install a hoop house
made from bent conduit frames with double layer plastic.  I buy them from a
local company "Nolts Greenhouse Supply", a division of "Nolts Produce
Supply",  where I also buy drip tape, pots and potting media.  You can put
up the frame for about $1.20 -$1.50 per square foot but by the time you
finish the ends and cover it, it's another dollar per square foot.  You can
also buy them from Griffin but expect to pay more.
The nice thing about them is since they have no footer, they are not
buildings but agricultural equipment so no permits or re-assessments.  It's
best if you have electricity to them because they use a small blower to
inflate the insulating air layer.  Both layers of plastic are secured at
the perimeter but the outer one is looser and inflates a foot or more with
static air pressure - about 1/50th HP blower for 1000 square feet.
I don't have any photos handy but attached is one showing some of the
inside of my 21 ft wide greenhouse.  A word of caution, I started with a 12
x 24 hoop house 15 years ago and the next one was 16' x 60', later expanded
to 16 x 100 and then a 21' x 60' and they're packed like a hoarder's

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 1:19 PM Luminita Vollmer via pbs <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Not supporting any vendor in particular, however, being in the market for a
> greenhouse to help make a decision - I found this catalog.
> Anyone here have any experience with this? Are any of these greenhouses
> a feasible option here in MN ?
> Thank you
> Luminita
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