Seed reception for EU SX open

Johannes Ulrich Urban via pbs
Sun, 31 Jan 2021 16:34:30 PST
Dear All,

The reception for seed donations for the next EU Seed exchange is open 
now. Please restrict yourself to seed, there will be a separate bulb 
exchange about a month later once the risk of frost damage is over. All 
seed of plants with some kind of storage organ is welcome. The success 
of this and the future exchanges all depends on your generosity.

Please send your seed to Martin Bohnet, Ludwigstr. 1, 73035 Göppingen, 
Germany who manages the Seed and Bulb Exchange

We kindly ask you,/on a voluntary basis/, to pre-pack five individual 
(small) portions. This reduces the work load of Martin. If you have a 
lot of seed to spare, you can add a larger packet as a reserve which 
Martin will pack in case of higher demand.

Please, remember to only send healthy  and clean material.

We hope that the current COVID situation will not cause too many delays. 
It would be helpful if you could let Martin know that you sent your 
seed: <> This way we would know that everything arrives.

Once the seed list will be compiled it will go online in this forum.

Please remember that you have to be a fully paid member of the Pacific 
Bulb Society to order, you can join any time. But you do not need to be 
a donor to be allowed to order from the list.

The instructions for ordering and payment will follow with the SX list.

You can find the complete information on the EU Seed and Bulb Exchange 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or feedback: 

*Please do not confound this EU Seed Exchange with the US-based Seed 
Exchanges which will also take place, at different dates*


Bye for now


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