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A thought about covering the roof vents - could you cut out pieces of shade
cloth to fit over each vent, affixed by a dab of glue on the edge perhaps?

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> My second iteration of shade cloth for my 8 X 18 twin wall roof with
> glass to ground greenhouse is this:
> Bought adequate size shade cloth from Charley's. Cut into 2 foot wide
> pieces. Stitched a pocket at one end.
> Slip a tension type curtain rod into pocket and fit between framing
> members at upper end of roof
> Lay shade cloth along inside of roof, silver side uppermost
> Use clothespins to clip shade cloth to horizontal framing member at top
> of long wall
> This system has worked very well for me since 2006. Quick to put up,
> even quicker to take down.
> Image attached of greenhouse roof with a couple of pieces installed,
> next to portion of roof that does not yet have shade cloth in place.
> Note: It is only the two roof vent units that do not have shade cloth as
> I cannot figure out how to accomplish its installation without
> interfering with automatic opening / closing
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