Jim Foster via pbs
Sat, 09 Jan 2021 07:54:44 PST
Interesting thread.  Rain, cold  and radiative frost are culprits for 
most. The latter is my most common issue but that happens only a very 
few times each year here.  We do have an occasional freeze but those are 
predictable and can be dealt with.

Ironically for me the problem is I need heat in the summer for many of 
my plants particularly Adeniums.  It is just too cool here in Santa 
Barbara a mile from the beach.  I had a friend grow several of mine out 
in Sun City where 110 is not uncommon and they thrived.  5 years on here 
and although they have bloomed (this year was particularly good due to 
unusual warmth) they have grown very little and do not bloom profusely 
like they did in Arizona.

So there are quite a number of reasons for owing a greenhouse. Another 
problem I have is limited space for one.

Jim Foster

Santa Barbara

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