Robert Lauf via pbs
Sat, 09 Jan 2021 22:33:25 PST
Orchid people call those "swamp coolers" and they are well known and commercially available.  Personally. I use overhead misters because so far I've been too lazy to put up shade cloth, and my greenhouse is a bit small for a big swamp cooler.  The misters come on at noon and run for 10 minutes.  Temps still can get pretty high but as long as everything is dripping wet, the (mostly) orchids and bromeliads do fine.  I pot the orchids in coco husk because that will tolerate the summer wetness much better than bark.

My summer dormant bulbs go outside under a roof so they are completely dry all summer.

You can get your greenhouse as cool as you want, all depending on the power and water bills you can tolerate.  All the materials to do the overhead sprinklers are plastic and you can get everything, including timer, pressure reducer, etc. at Home Depot, and it's all fairly cheap.  I can send pics of my setup if that would be useful.

Bob     East Tennessee

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