Now THIS is a greenhouse

Samuel via pbs
Sun, 10 Jan 2021 18:53:07 PST
There is a Subantarctic cold house in Hobart , Tasmania , Australia , we 
visited there when living in Tasmania , amazing to see plants in a 
replicated house , quite cold with the fans working.

Gordon Julian , Highfields , Queensland.

On 11/01/2021 12:19 pm, Jane McGary via pbs wrote:
> You want an air-conditioned greenhouse? Years ago, and I think it was 
> in the botanical garden at Christchurch, New Zealand (someone correct 
> me if I'm misremembering), I visited a Subantarctic House, which had 
> been designed to replicate and display some remarkable and mostly 
> quite large plants from the subantarctic islands. It was a dome, with 
> a boardwalk which zig-zagged around inside. The walls were painted 
> with scenes of the islands, and the plants installed in beds in front 
> of the scenes, quite realistically. It was very cold, and huge fans 
> blew at a rate imitating the Roaring Forties. The plants looked great 
> and many were in flower. A great way to see this amazing flora without 
> dying of seasickness!
> Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA
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