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Tim Eck via pbs
Sun, 10 Jan 2021 18:58:30 PST
It seems like you might want to research this more since your heating
requirements are so extreme (unless you're independently wealthy).
For instance, you might want to look up the guy who grows oranges in
Nebraska with solar heating.  And you might want to check out other zoning
classes that permit agriculture before you decide where to move.  Some do
not tax high tunnel type greenhouses.  Also, check out high efficiency gas
heaters that recapture the latent heat of the water vapor.  They generally
don't have a chimney but use schedule 40 plastic drain pipe instead.  The
ones that vent directly into the greenhouse can raise the humidity too much
but a lot of people use them.
A lot depends on what you are willing to compromise on.  For instance, most
commercial growers orient their houses with the gables North South for even
illumination but you might consider an East West orientation wooden A-frame
with the North wall opaque and insulated.  This would cut your heating in
half with very little change in winter illumination.  Also, using the
inflation technique used on double wall plastic houses and adding a third
layer on the inside with battens, you would get an R-2.5 insulation value
on the south side.
If you don't want to compromise design, you could save half your heating
costs with a simple layer of white or reflective plastic pulled over the
plants at night to reduce the radiant heat loss which I assume is extreme
in your area due to clear nights.  Radiant heat loss is the reason you can
get a killing frost outside when the ambient temperature is 40F.
Good Luck
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