The Bulb Garden

Carl Dacus via pbs
Tue, 05 Jan 2021 09:40:26 PST
Thanks to all involved in the above. Arrived yesterday 4th January 2011.
Looking forward to an interesting read.

Especially interested in Jane McGary's. I spent 7 weeks visiting my wife's
family in Chile in 1997. Travelled from Puerto Montt to Antofagasta and San
Pedro de Atacama.
We are very fortunate in Ireland as we are able to grow a wide range of
Chilean plants in our temperate climate. Mass display of Rhodophiala spp.
between Quintero and Concón growing in sand were most spectacular. Looking
forward to reading the Geophyte Tours in Chile, this evening. Again thanks
from a cold  damp South County, Dublin, Ireland
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