New Year’s flower Count

David Schaeffer via pbs
Tue, 05 Jan 2021 08:01:50 PST
I'min SE PA, so there's not much action. Under lights Aloe descoingsii is
doing its thing, and so is Utricularia calycifida "Asenath Waite". In the
window, Bowiea volubilis is flowering, having started growth several weeks
earlier than usual, and many Schizobasis are putting up new inflorescences,
but flowers won't happen for a bit - ditto with Haworthia
turgida/retusa/whatever you want to call it.

Dave in PA

On Sun, Jan 3, 2021, 10:53 AM Colleen via pbs <> wrote:

> Nothing blooming in NE Calif.
> We used to get multiple feet of snow (4100' elevation), but now it's
> exciting to get a little Krap!  Then it melts off and we wait for the next
> "storm".  It's all very hard on the yard not having a consistent hard
> freeze.  I'm seeing more bugs and die back.  I hope we don't get a false
> spring in Feb. as we do some years.  Instead of the usual -10,20 or 30
> degree F, it is 45 F.  I haven't planted new bulbls for a few years due to
> the very thick (visibility in feet) smoke in the Summer and Fall.
> Colleen NE Calif.
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> Happy New Year to all. My New Year’s flower count here in Massachusetts
> doesn’t take long. Nothing is flowering outdoors. Not a thing. We had
> another of our iconic slush storms last night. The lawn is a translucent
> white with some little grass whiskers sticking through. Most of you don’t
> speak Icelandic, nor do I, but the formal Icelandic word for slush is Krap.
> (Yes, there is a little accent over the A. ) There is krap all over my
> garden.
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