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Hi Bob

Can you please send pictures of your set up?

Thank you

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> Orchid people call those "swamp coolers" and they are well known and
> commercially available.  Personally. I use overhead misters because so far
> I've been too lazy to put up shade cloth, and my greenhouse is a bit small
> for a big swamp cooler.  The misters come on at noon and run for 10
> minutes.  Temps still can get pretty high but as long as everything is
> dripping wet, the (mostly) orchids and bromeliads do fine.  I pot the
> orchids in coco husk because that will tolerate the summer wetness much
> better than bark.
> My summer dormant bulbs go outside under a roof so they are completely dry
> all summer.
> You can get your greenhouse as cool as you want, all depending on the
> power and water bills you can tolerate.  All the materials to do the
> overhead sprinklers are plastic and you can get everything, including
> timer, pressure reducer, etc. at Home Depot, and it's all fairly cheap.  I
> can send pics of my setup if that would be useful.
> Bob     East Tennessee
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