A. konjack and S. venosum

Robert Lauf via pbs pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net
Sat, 02 Jan 2021 06:22:45 PST

The Sauromatum are completely hardy here in Zone 7 when left in the ground.  When I dig them to thin, I dig in the fall, so I can easily find the clumps, and just store the bulbs bare in a dry corner of the greenhouse.  In spring, they begin to sprout/bloom spontaneously and at that time I pot them up for sales and giveaways.  So at the moment they are dormant and can easily be mailed without any elaborate precautions any time until they begin the new growth.  The BS are tennis-ball to softball sized and then there are progressively more at smaller sizes.  There's a whole potful of the little offsets like I sent previously when we were cautious about the size and the level of demand.

A few members have contacted me offline about the biggest ones, and I will deal with them separately; I have also promised some to a local project, but as soon as a new BX is finalized, please let me know how many you think you can use and I'll send them to you.

Like all the members, I appreciate the work you put into the BX/SX, and I'm happy to contribute what I can.  It's a great program.


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