Stinky Bulb Now in Flower

Judy Glattstein via pbs
Mon, 14 Jun 2021 19:43:16 PDT
Good picture, Steve. Did you need a gas mask while taking it?

My Sauromatum clump up but not the Dracunculus.

As well as hardy / less hardy variations there is also a leaf variation. 
Steve, yours appear to be solid green. Mine have white stripes. Don't 
have a good picture but will try for one tomorrow.


On 6/14/2021 10:21 PM, Steve Marak via pbs wrote:
> Nice picture, Judy! Mine, in NW Arkansas, were at their peak on June 
> 4. A picture of one patch of them is attached (I hope).
> I've grown it for 35 years, and it was given to me by someone local 
> who had grown it for about that long and had a similar story, so this 
> strain has been around here for a long time. They will set lots of 
> seed, which is viable, but I usually don't collect much since few 
> people seem to want it.
> I think there are more and less hardy strains. I gave some to a friend 
> who planted them at the Denver BG. A couple of years later he told me 
> that he liked them so much he'd bought more. The ones I gave him 
> survived the Denver winters, the others didn't.
> Does anyone know a source for the white-spathed form?
> Steve
> On 6/14/2021 6:55 PM, Judy Glattstein via pbs wrote:
>> Well, if he really wants to grow something that smells like a 
>> decaying woodchuck, a week dead and rotting in the summer heat, 
>> Dracunculus vulgaris should do it for him.
>> It is not difficult to find. Both Brent & Becky's Bulbs, also McClure 
>> & Zimmerman are offering it in their catalogs for fall planting. B&B 
>> $4.50 each, 5 for $19.50. M&Z $10.50 each, 3 for $26.95
>> Myself, I'd prefer to plant outdoors in spring. Perhaps pot up and 
>> keep dry over the winter in a frost free location.
>> But it is fully hardy here in western New Jersey. My earliest images 
>> are from late June 2009. So it has been in the ground, no extra 
>> protection, for better than a decade. Planted one, still have just 
>> one. Don't recall any seed set but I'll keep watch.
>> Judy
>> On 6/14/2021 7:36 PM, Kenneth Preteroti via pbs wrote:
>>> Judy my son Thomas liked your plant. He said he wants it!
>>> Ken P
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