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Steve Marak via pbs
Mon, 14 Jun 2021 19:21:12 PDT
Nice picture, Judy! Mine, in NW Arkansas, were at their peak on June 4. 
A picture of one patch of them is attached (I hope).

I've grown it for 35 years, and it was given to me by someone local who 
had grown it for about that long and had a similar story, so this strain 
has been around here for a long time. They will set lots of seed, which 
is viable, but I usually don't collect much since few people seem to 
want it.

I think there are more and less hardy strains. I gave some to a friend 
who planted them at the Denver BG. A couple of years later he told me 
that he liked them so much he'd bought more. The ones I gave him 
survived the Denver winters, the others didn't.

Does anyone know a source for the white-spathed form?


On 6/14/2021 6:55 PM, Judy Glattstein via pbs wrote:
> Well, if he really wants to grow something that smells like a decaying 
> woodchuck, a week dead and rotting in the summer heat, Dracunculus 
> vulgaris should do it for him.
> It is not difficult to find. Both Brent & Becky's Bulbs, also McClure 
> & Zimmerman are offering it in their catalogs for fall planting. B&B 
> $4.50 each, 5 for $19.50. M&Z $10.50 each, 3 for $26.95
> Myself, I'd prefer to plant outdoors in spring. Perhaps pot up and 
> keep dry over the winter in a frost free location.
> But it is fully hardy here in western New Jersey. My earliest images 
> are from late June 2009. So it has been in the ground, no extra 
> protection, for better than a decade. Planted one, still have just 
> one. Don't recall any seed set but I'll keep watch.
> Judy
> On 6/14/2021 7:36 PM, Kenneth Preteroti via pbs wrote:
>> Judy my son Thomas liked your plant. He said he wants it!
>> Ken P
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