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 Mike ... 
I have not provided any additional fertilizer other than the original working of manure into the bed soil since planting, although I did provide a very dilute orchid fertilizer in some of the waterings as potted plants, more so when small seedlings, but again, very dilute.  My original seedling mix is completely inorganic ... usually a mix of DG and Dry Stall (pumice.)  I do add organic material when moved up.  Good move on your up-potting, IMO ... at 6-9 months, and annually after that would be my recommendation.  Seedlings planted directly in the ground seem to have a slower time of it.
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So I’ve seen lots of Boophone Disticha. Yours seem to fairly uniform in
bloom, deep color, stems about the same length, thick and healthy.  Other
than the manure that you have laid under the DG. Do you provide any
supplemental fertilizer?


San Diego
Where I’m taking my seedling Boophone out of the smaller pots they are in…

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