Sourcing Seeds/ Bulbs for Merwilla plumbea

Robert Lauf via pbs
Tue, 16 Mar 2021 10:49:46 PDT
I received seeds in a recent SX and have four seedlings starting to perk up after slowing for the winter.  So someone in the group must have a big one that produced seeds last year.  I ordered a bulb from SA Bulb last summer and it hasn't yet come out of dormancy, but it looks like it's blooming size and, if so, I might have seeds later this year.

The plants are available from SA but you'd need an import permit and the cost of shipping just one thing wouldn't be worth it.

If no one else has anything to spare, write to me privately later in the year and I'll be happy to send you one of my seedlings, but be aware they're still fairly small.

Bob   Zone 7

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